Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Become a QuickCounter

Yesterday, the Governor election has committed in my province, east Java province. And in this part, I got an assignment to become a quick counter by Indonesian Research Foundation or Lembaga Survei Indonesia (LSI).
Quick Counter is a someone who become a part of a quick count activity to help the election process in order to can perform well and faster. All of the 400 member quick counter were disseminated over the east Java Province to control election places in some area. Majority of them is a student who study in a social political faculty.
I worked in the Kemuningsari Kidul village, in Jenggawah area. It such a remove area in a Jember city, which is lack of transportation and public services. But I quite satisfied because I did not located in out of my town, cause it make me confuse to looking for the area.
I enjoy this experience...



I just read some java island post.It's about honeymoon holiday. That exciting. I wish I will visit Java sometime.

Sandra... said...

Great work Niar, congrats!!
Have a nice day♥♥

WHITEShadow said...

Hi Niar,
Thanks for visiting my blog. You are very welcome to share your opinion about the issue I posted.

You have a really good determination in going further to pursue your education and it sounds that you are doing pretty good! Thanks again and nice to meet you too.

tikno said...

Hi Niar, I ever lived in Surabaya city, East Java province, for 2 years. At that time its governor was Mr. Basofi Sudirman. The Surabaya city climate quite hot.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Niar, this post really took me back.

In Australia we have electoral officials who are responsible for the count. This includes a lot of people hired for the day. Then we have people from the political parties called scrutineers who are responsible on behalf of their party for watching the count to ensure that it is fair and who also provide advice to the parties on progress and results.

I have been both an electoral official and a scrutineer. I really loved election day. In fact, I still do!

Thank, too, for giving me an idea for a post, a description of what it is like on elections day.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Niar, just a postscript to my comment.I have featured your blog on my front page in the blogs of the week section.

Without making it a burden, I really want to encourage you to keep writing. To people like me from a different country,it's just nice to read your posts.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thank you Niar for your very fast response via a comment on my blog -

I would add just this. From time to time you will find people in the blogging world who are rude and cruel. You will find many more, and I think that you have already seen this,who are quite wonderful.

On a separate issue, I am starting to feel a real need to learn Bahasa! My daughters have done a little, me none. I have to learn enough to at least understand some of the comments.

Anonymous said...