Thursday, November 13, 2008

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at a Glance

My blogging friend, Tikno has written about refugee with very well review, and then Jim Belshaw also followed him to wrote about refugee, and he wrote it well too. So, I rather lost my idea to write it, because honestly I like to make a review about it too.
But my mind remind something when I remember that I have learnt about Uganda armed conflict and its effect. The effect of conflict for civilians and children. Especially for them who become Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

IDPs camp in the KouKou, Chad

I don’t wanna talk too much just want to recognize you about what IDPs is. Well, IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) is almost same with refugee, but actually it’s different. The different of among them is IDP are people who forced to flee their homes, but unlike refugee. IDPs move just still in their country border. They do not flee to other country, and stay in the safe area.
People become IDPs when they get a violence in their place like armed conflict, so they have to looking for the safe area, and leave their homes. IDPs make their own shelter by create a camp. And I’m certain that the total amount of IDPs in the world is larger than refugee.
Of course people who become IDPs often live separated with their family. They live separated with their children, because of emergency situation.
Afghanistan, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Iraq, Somalia, Sri Lanka and Sudan were among the many countries in which countless women, men and children had their lives torn apart by armed conflicts in 2007. Direct attacks on civilian communities, general insecurity and the destruction of livelihoods forced innumerable civilians to flee their homes.
Giving a help or relief for IDPs is also not as easy as we thought. It is also difficult to get accurate figures of IDPs, because population is constantly fluctuating. Some IDPs maybe returning home while others are fleeing. The safety of IDPs is also not guaranteed. Many IDPs sometimes get a threat. Like in Uganda, many IDPs often get a threat and attack from rebel. They also often loss their children which is being abducted to be a child soldiers. The other threat is also in the form of cannot get an enough food, sanitation, and fragile to be contaminated by the diseases. Iraqi Internally Displaced Persons
Like refugee, IDPs has a regulation by international law for assisting and promoting the rights of refugee. It is written in the 1951 United Nations Conventions Relating to the Status of Refugee and its 1967 Protocol. But, Unlike the case of refugees, there is no international humanitarian institution which has the overall responsibility of protecting and assisting the refugees as well as the internally displaced. A number of organizations have stepped into the breach in specific circumstances.
Looking back to the destiny and the poor experience that IDPs get, I give my conclusion that refugee maybe has a better placed than IDPs. the Emergency life of IDPs is high . IDPs really need special protection, not only rights and liberty. They just can live in camp, easy to get an abusive, violence, and starving, diseases and lack of control from government.
That’s all about IDPs

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Hi! I'm Grace said...

Wow! Niar. I never heard of IDP's. This is a great info, as well as this should awake the government, too.

tikno said...

Dear Niar,

First, I'm sorry for late. Flood was happening in my city and has been overflow into my house, so I stop blogging for 5 days.

I thought, IDPs was same like refugees in the matter of the suffering, although they did not leave the country's border. Possibly the international organization still had respect on the nation's affair or the country's ability to solve it first, so they not interfering to that problems immediately. It's different with refugees where they has been went out from their country.

This is a great post! and good for humanity.


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