Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thank You

From the bottom of my heart, I like to say thank you for my all of blogging friends who gave me a special greetings and unlimited support for the best of me...
Honestly I am really touched with every greeting, pray, and support for my graduation and every planning for the future.
I deeply say thank you for Grace, Jim, Mike, Ben, Ita, Mari, Cuspedepita and Anton, Tikno, Elendil and also my other blogging friends, my friends in everywhere, family, which can't be mentioned one by one.
Hopefully God always give us blessed and mercies..
keep in touch and always sharing...


Antón de Muros said...


Thank you!

I hope you be happy.


Aldhis said...

Your life has just begun, Niar.
And the most difficult part in it is just like my parents said in old time...
Don't let them disappointed... :)

nazanin said...

HI dear niar!
thanks for the visit of my blog and Ive become happy to find indonasian friend.
I like the way your writing about your country poeple of the world and the human pain!
hope to have a good friendship with you!
with best wishes..

nazanin said...

I forget to gongradulate yor graduation!;_ylt=AmSkByVLWUcNNYe2EsBtetmqAOJ3
dear its my profile on yaoo360 if you like you can visit it am become happy if you visit it!

whats the meaning of your name!?

leo7_lion said...

same goes here. Glad to know you^^

Anonymous said...