Sunday, November 9, 2008

Global Water Crisis ?

Of course I wish I were in School. I want to learn to read and write...But how can I? My mother needs me to get water -Yeni Bazan, age 10, El Alto, Bolivia-

Trapped by heavy rain, and unconditional situation to back home, I decide to just stay in a center library in my University for a of the chamber on the third floor of this library seems so quiet. There are no many people familiar to this room. But not me, It's my favourite room in this library. With 2 people here I try to continue surrounding every shelf which fulls of journal and report, and hope can find something that can help my friend to fills its thesis. I stop in front of the row of UNDP journals that really fascinate to be opened. I take one which is launched in 2006, and see the theme in the cover ' Beyond Scarcity: Power, Poverty and Global Water Crisis'...
I try to understand its contents which seems so complete, and make my new planning to write in my new posting.
a child enjoys clean water in Ethiopia
the existence of water is a very vital things for every mankind. Like oxygen, we also need water to sustain our life. Without water life could not exist, and beside that, people really need clean water to sustain their health, and maintain their dignity. Beyond the households water also sustain ecological system and provides an input into the production systems that maintain livelihoods. Water pervades all aspects of human development. When they could not get access of clean water, or they lack access to water as productive resources, their rights and freedom will be constraint by ill health or endemic diseases, poverty, and vulnerability. Water gives live to everything, including human freedom and development.
But it turn out, the natural resources that we supposed to always abundant and never going to scarce, at the presents become a dilemma that disturb human security. The world today, especially in the poor countries experience water crisis. The presence water today is unhealthy and limited, and the existence of unhealthy water in many developing countries is a threat which is much greater than armed conflict.

It's about one third of world population were lived in the water crisis countries. Over two million people die every year because of water borne illness, that's almost 4 per minute. Million women and children must hike an average about 4 miles per day to get water, and the water they get is extremely polluted. The boy drinking the last water in Dhaka
The poor are the one who suffer most. Water shortages can mean do a long journey to fetch water, high prices to buy it, food insecurity, and diseases by drinking dirty water. In high income area around Asia, Latin America, and Sub Saharan Africa, people enjoy access several liters per day which delivered into their homes at low prices by public utilities. But the poor in the rural area or slums have access too much less than 20 liters of water per day, per person.
The problems of water sometimes come from inequality among the society. Much of water are used just for world agriculture, industry, and another domestic purpose. Like in India, Irrigation
pumps extract water from aquifers 24 hours a day for healthy farmer, while smallholders depend on vagaries of rain. Here too, the underlying causes of scarcity in the large majority of cases is institutional and political, not a physical deficiency supplies. For the add, at the essentials, water scarcity is a consequence of imbalance between resources utilizations, distribution, consumption, and production under global capitalism. It is not simply as natural phenomena or a matter of increase demand or decrease supply. It is acrisis endangered by political, cultural, and economic practices.
In any cases, not only a human that need water but also the other species which live in this planet. The shortages of water disturbing the ecosystem and environment. The emergence of global warming also donor some impacts, like the rain falls in some area , while the others get drainage.
At least but not last, the urgency of water crisis is undeniable . But I still hope that there is an aware from communities, individuals, or best solution to solve or reduce this problem. Because access to drinking water is a basic human rights...
That's all the condition of water in our world at a glance...Thank you for read it..
(thank you for the information: Human Development Report UNDP 2006,,,,,,


tikno said...

Very interesting post, Niar.

Jim Belshaw said...

Niar, I wear glasses and have problems reading red on black, especially in some lights. I finally worked out that if I went to the largest print size in view I could work it out.

Like Tikno, I found this a very interesting post. Clean water is a fundamental of life, the discovery that diseases like cholera were carried in water one of the most important of all medical discoveries in extending human life.

This links to one of your later posts on internally displaced refugees. Here diseases like cholera are just one of many problems.

Interestingly, cities used to have much lower life expectencies than country areas. People went to the cities for advancement, but often died from what we now know to have been water carried diseases.

More broadly, there is a whole thread in history about the importance of water and access to water. I must try to write a post on this sometime!

xitalho said...

Water.... part of our life.
Water is a life it self.

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