Sunday, November 30, 2008

Complex Humanitarian Emergency (Something We Should Know)

If you ever heard there are many of war, internal conflict, mass of refugee, suffer, and the widespread of dead, what do you think about? have you ever think that it is created deliberately?
well, at a present since the end of old war and the threat of security moved to become non - traditional security, the focus of the threat is emphazised for the human. So does, the new concept of human security is appeared and replace the old concept of traditional security which view the threat comes from the military and state.
The threat of human comes become an important issue between the early 1980-mid 1990s, when the number of humanitarian crisis escalate from an average of 20-25 to about 65-70 per year. In the other hand, the number of people affected rose more than proportionately, and estimated that the number people involved is increase by about ten million annually. The result of this is, scores of people have been left dead, starving, homeless, and hopeless, and the other treatment. Humanitarian crises: sometimes they are deliberately made

The surge of emergencies cannot be contributed to an increase in natural disaster but rather to factors which are man-made, and a growing proportion of them becomes Complex Humanitarian Emergencies (CHEs). This phenomenon become perhaps the most serious threat to human security in the present world.
To give you an easier way in determine the case or crisis is classified to Complex Humanitarian Emergencies (CHEs) or not, I will give you some important points and characteristic of it.
  1. CHEs is a multidimensional phenomena that are not only accompanied by wars, but also by other forms of the human suffering including forced migration, hunger, and diseases. The interaction between violence and poverty particularly over a number of years, can lead to massive deaths.
  2. CHEs are man-made(that is, natural calamities like the recent devastation in Africa are excluded), although the natural disaster may act as trigger to a CHEs where conflict in ongoing.
  3. Third, CHEs are essentially and politicised crises. Hence, the motives of key actors need to be understood.
Knowing that CHEs is an political motive and essentially is a man made, I will give you some examples to strengthen your understanding in it.
The first examples is looked by the case in Argentina in 1970 (during the era 'Disappeared'), the military junta sought to stifle civilians group and opposition parties by kidnapping civilians at night. Bodies were dismembered and scattered without a trace not only as a final act of humiliation and annihilation but also as a way to increase fear, to prevent the dead from becoming martyrs and to preclude the possibility of physical relics inspiring and mobilising the opposition.
the recent examples about it is in the case of Uganda. Like I have explained in my posting before that the LRA (Uganda rebels) has commit an atrocities for the civilians and children especially. Children are abducted and attacked by the LRA in the mass number. Until about 3 from 4 children in Ancholi land (area in north Uganda) dismiss because of the abducted. It really affected the condition and security situation in those area. So, this I explained you that it is become an CHEs because it turn out children in Uganda become a political instrument for the rebels.
My explanation is children can be a political instrument by using them to create a moral dilemma, recruitment amplification, and relocation of fear. Moral dilemma is created by replacing children in LRA march in armed conflict. When the children move in their march, it is created a confussion for the armed groups or state to against LRA. They confuse to protect children or protect the country, and emerge a conflict between rights of state and rights of human being. In the other hand by abducted them in a mass number can create a relocation of fear that increase LRA's bargaining position. So, thats why because of children is vulnerable and easy to manipulated is very easy for them to use children for their instrument. Children become political instrument in Africa

That's all the examples of CHEs. The various forms of violence that characterise CHEs can be describe as functional, that is, they have utility for those controlling it, and spesific, that is, they are deeply infused with meaning relating to economic, political and or social agendas.
My beloved reader, this our world. World which become worse time after time. Maybe we cant do something to overcome this trouble, but we still have a heart to help them who become the victims of it through the simple way we can do. Lets do our aspiration for our family.


Aldhis said...

Agree with you Niar. It is sad to see how humans able to do something really bad with other humans.
I have a nice story about heart in my blog, it's title is Shape of Heart and it put under Short Stories series.
Please read and give comment if you have some time.

Maria said...

Hi Niar, I absolutely Agree with you. Did you know that the most dangerous species is human being? We're the only animal that kills for no reason.

I glad you like the award. You are right, we should always be grateful of what God has given us.

Sandra... said...

Hello Niar.. thank you very much for your explanation!
I hope God bless this childrens, they need so much love♥♥
Have a nice day Niar, hugs!

tikno said...

Using and forcing children as a shield in the war or conflict was a war crime. A humanitarian dilemma! I think the United Nations, could use their power to overcome and rescue the children. I believe they have a brilliant strategy to do that.
Great post, Niar. Thanks for sharing.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Oh, I hate wars. The casualties are the ones that suffering. Why don't we they build a place and there they do the war, where there is no casualties that will be affected. That is so sad.

Elendil said...

Right! Man just can't simply end one's life like that. Who are they to do so? God?

Elendil said...

Right! Man just can't simply end one's life like that. Who are they to do so? God?

Mari said...

What is sad is that the young, the old, the infirm - who have nothing to do with the conflict - are the ones who suffer. Those in power are the ones who create war because of greed. They are not happy with what they have; they want more. As long as there are greedy people in power we will never be rid of war.

somebody said...