Thursday, October 30, 2008

Study to Japan

Yesterday me and my best friend, Eva discussed about the application for Indonesian student to continue the school in Japan. Well, we got an information from my friend about studying in Japan after spend the bachelor degree. I really enthusiastic on this information, because it seems that no very difficult things that we would get to apply this. This Japan scholarship is just require the student to able to speak English, and we must not have a capability in Japanese. This scholarship also give us a full cost during we live there.
I have a planning to follow this in the next year, because the closing date in this section is in the late October. I also want to prepare some essay that I want to offer, and ask some recommendation from professor in my faculty.
I wanna make a research about securitization and the role of non state actor in Indonesia as an essay to apply there . But I have'nt found what become my case study yet. I take securitization and role of non state actor and wanna take a majority to study about it cause maybe it will support my planning to working in International Non Governmental Organizations, and work in the overseas, especially emergency area ^-^