Saturday, October 18, 2008

Great Creation from My Hometown

I live in Jember town. It such a small town which lay in the east Java province, Indonesia. Nothing special with my town, just a society who friendly and from middle class. My town also has no a great places to be an object for vacation, no high building, and hypermarket with fully equipped. But, Jember has a something special which proper to be proud. It is a great parade which always be celebrated every August. Everybody called it JFC (Jember Fashion CArnaval) JFC is the only one of parade in Indonesia which showing the variation of world culture and universal phenomena, and also world fashion. It's also occur just in three country in the world. (but I am sorry, I am forget what the countries are). In August 2008 last time, the theme of fashion which is showed in JFC is "Save Our World", including 8 defile ( Borneo, Prison, Predator, Undercover, Amazon, Chinese Opera, Anime dan Recycle). Lets check up these pict.


LoRFLoR said...

fantastic! and yes - you may add a link to my blog!


That's really a great Creation.Great.I'd like to know more about your town.haha.
Very interesting. Can you tell me about the pic of two girls.What is it on her shoulder.Is it a snake or something? And the tatoo are real?

Any Girl said...

I just found your blog through lorflor...and those pictures are stunning! Wow!

somebody said...