Saturday, October 4, 2008

My first job application

It is a usual things for everyone who have graduated from university, rather confused and thinking hard about the future. We usualy become confuse what we have to do after we graduate from university. Some of my friend think that they want to continue their study to get master degree, and the others think that they have to looking for a job to cost their lives and starting they career.
But, to starting this, is not as easy as we though. We also face some troubles about the career we choose, and how to get it. And of course, it is also one thing that cover me now. I become unsteady when I have graduated from my study. I like to continue my study to be a master degree, but my parents do not have enough money. I try to looking for a scholarship, but the requisite is so high...
So I like try the other way by apply some jobs. I wanna apply job which I have been dreamin of. Yes I like to apply in NGO like amnesty, Human Rights Watch, UN. But it also not easy. So many competitive who want to get those job.
Now...I try to go down my idealist. I try to take for granted by try to receive every job which is offered to me. I aware that so many people difficult to get job, so they become jobless. I also aware that people starting their career from zero. And they continue and develop their career till they success... turn out....time after time, there are many of offering from good company to make me apply there. I really grateful of God who give me some ways. I dont know how to thank it. Although Iam still an applicant.
the job which offering to me is: Indonesia Business Today(it is an company which move in the journalist field, so I apply as a journalist), and the second is company which move in the energy field (it'is a company which concern in steam industry as a energy for electricity..and the third is a automotive field...
Now I begun to prepare my CV and resume to apply there. I confused what I have to choose, but Im happy...Thanks God.