Sunday, October 5, 2008

Recognising Indian Women

Hi there..... in this section i like to talk about the status of women in India. Actually this is the topic of my friend's thesis. The reason I choose India as one of my object is just because of the status of Indian women which is marginalized, and India is a society where the male is greatly revered. Therefore, women especially young girls get little respect and standing in this country. The women of the households are required to prepare the meal for the men. Who eat most of the food. Only after the males are finished eating, the females can eat.
Indian women also lack of education. They have a little opportunity in the politics, government, and can't develop they own career. The other discrimination that is taken by of Indian women is a the customary to get abusive treatment. They often get a rape, and pressure from society.
the reason why India culture is discriminate women is because of patriarchy system which is roots and growth in Indian society. This system still exist till now. But, at a present there are many of movement which begin to commit by Indian women. Feminism movement is a one thing that often do by most of Indian women who aware with their situation. We can see many of campaign in India to show the existing of women and attempt to abolish the discrimination and their culture of 'man majority'. From Sati movement, Vandana Shiva Movement, Chipko Movement and the other women movements in India
According to India's constitution, women are legal citizen of the country and have a equal rights with men. But, Because lack of acceptance of Indian's male. Indians women suffer immensely and being discriminate. By the progress of Indian's women movement the hard culture of patriarchy can be eroded. For the new fact, we can see the India president at a present. Pratibha Devisignh Patil that now is an Indian president, is the first Indian women who can be a president along the time. So it prove that the culture can be change .

.......Hope the Indian Women can get a better place a equality,,,...


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Hi,Niar.The topic was also exist in China.But that's a history.Nowadays Chinese women are equal to men.

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