Monday, September 22, 2008

Child Soldiers...

night commuters..try to looking for secure places to avoiding abduction

Child soldiers.....
thats the topic of my thesis. actually, at the first times I really interested to take this themes, because it's very unique and no one ever discuss it.
But, after I study it deeply, I begun to love with my write in those thesis. Yeah..I begun to really like and interesting with child soldiers.
maybe we ever heard about the involvement children in armed conflict. children are using in every part of the war. They treat very unfair, abusive, and always get torture.
Not only the rebels or opposition who using them, but also the government army sometimes using them with large scale..they recruit children through conscription, abducting, or even child soldiers involve in the military as a volunteer.
almost all of African country using them in their internal conflict, and the next, Asian countries (Myanmar is the biggest record). but beside that... the developing country like US, Norway, British also recruit them in their army . US using them when Iraqi offences...
but I specifically my study in Uganda. Uganda is the largest country in African who keep child soldiers. They Use both by Lord Resistance Army (rebels)and Uganda People Defence Forces (Uganda Army). about 3 from 4 children in Ancholiland (district in northern Uganda) vanish because of abducted and offences. Uganda children also do a long journey to looking for a shelter in order to avoid from abducting. This habitual activity often called night commuters. the total of night commuters is so high in Uganda.
in 2006, ICC want to arrest LRA, so LRA demobilized their child soldiers and other captivity. but until now, the captive of LRA still remain, especially in border or Sudan.

by my story I like to call u, to remain our emphaty to suffer children like these. we don't have to do a hard thing, just try to change our lifestyle. coz, so many people difficult to reach a proper life and happiness. be happy and grateful with our life. God bless us and them


Sandra said...

Hello Niar! You have visited my blog of tests or proofs...
My "really blog" is
I will wait you there!

About children soldiers, it makes me sad.. poor childrens :-(
Hugs Niar!

Grace said...

Hi, Niar. That was not a poem. It was a song. :) Anyway, thank you for the comment. Can I add you to my blog list, I want to follow your daily blog. It is very interesting. Pls tell me if you don't want me to so that I can delete it. Thanks again. :)

Grace said...

Hi Niar, i saw your comments and your message on my chatbox. Thanks. :) I can't tell where you really from. Actually, I'm from Philippines and now move here in USA.

Grace said...

Hi Niar, I just received your message. I'm glad you like my blog and yes, you can put it on your friendster. No objection, friend. :)

eva clooney said...

ur thesis is very nice
it's not only a thesis 4 me
but also ur love life, ur passion

i read more bout child soldiers
how how to be a child
who can enjoy their own life
n they r just a child

this problem would neve have happy ending if every country, groups still want to hurt them more then they think

banzai niar....
hope ur dreams come true
i'm very grateful to mu own life

lorrie said...

Hello Niar, thank you for your comments on my blog. Actually one of those places was not Brazil but Corse Island (France) although we do have some beautiful places like that over here too :)
Child soldiers is a very interesting subject for your thesis. Actually it's such a pity that it exists and that it can be a theme for a thesis... I am also working on my graduation thesis. I'm writing about paradiplomacy.
ok,see ya around! Keep on writing :)

lorrie said...

Hi again! I am now graduating in Public Administration. I work in the government of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. My course and my job ae very multidisciplinar, I mean, it's about public policies, economics, law, international relations... that's why I'm writing about paradiplomacy! :)
What about u? what do you do?
See ya n nice to meet u too! :)

Mike Duddy said...

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Saya telah melihat blog Anda, sesuatu yang sangat baik.
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Lagi. Terima kasih.


Hi, Niar
Aftar sew your profile.I feel that you are an special girl.
Keep on your dream , be happy.

Mike Duddy said...

Hi Niar,
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Thank you for your comment.
It's great to understand you add me to your blog list. I am flattered. And you are the first one ask me. I am so happy. And great to know that you love light.Me too, it beautiful and safe in the night.
Nice meet you too.I am Ben.Chinese.
Keep writing n see you around.

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