Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Eruption of Mt. Merapi

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In this occasion, I will not tell you a lot about the story regarding the eruption of Mount Merapi here, but I will at least give you at a glance the description when this well known Indonesian mountain is occurred.

Maybe some of you have heard that Merapi mountain, one of Indonesian active volcano mountain has erupted several days ago. This erupted of Merapi occurred at the short time after Tsunami attack Mentawai island in the West Sumatra Province, Indonesia.

When Merapi Erupted..

The erupted of Mt. Merapi has left a lot of victims, society that live around the mountain. It is about hundred of people near of mountain dead, some gets serious injury, and the area is full of ash that comes from the mountain. The ash of mountain eruption moreover has spread not only in Central Java area but immeasurably achieve Depok town in West Java province which put distance between hundreds kilometer from Central Java. This spread of ash also has lead a termination of International airlines from and to Indonesia for a while.

The ash from mountain covered one of village, the harvest time is also failed because of this ash fall..

Actually a lot of victim from around Merapi is caused by many of factors which mostly is a belief. I means belief because there are some people who unwilling to leave their home to displace area because they are waiting for a guidance or direction from the one who they belief or respect. Many people believe in the kind of sacret guide from around them and they are still naturally traditional.

The death cattle due to hot smoke

Another reason why so many people become a victims is an unwillingness to leave their cattle. Many of society feel that their cattle is their most valuable treasure. Cattle such as cow (majority), buffalo and sheep is the form of their wealth. Sometimes the people who has stayed in the displace are going quietly to their home to visit and feed their cattle without have an awareness that their act is risky.

People who was rescued from the disaster..., the ash cover their body

Funeral process of the victims

Actually, merapi that has known as one of the world's most active and dangerous volcanoes has showed their tendency to erupt before. From the information I have got, Merapi volcano was raised to level 3 alert (out of a maximum 4) due to inflation and volcanic earthquakes on 21st October 2010. Sand miners were asked to stop all activity, and people advised not to climb the volcano. But it turn out, people often neglected and underestimated until the mount really erupt.

For you are who interest in helping the victims of Merapi you can donate to International Red Cross Indonesia. I am hoping that they have got a strength and belief. I also thank you so much for every pray, emphaty from every people who care with the condition of victims. I believe all of your support make them survive.

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