Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unstable Natural Condition in Jakarta

Recently the weather's condition particularly in jakarta is really unstable. Almost everyday the heavy rain together with strong blowing wind surge this city. The hard wind and rain have created a lot of bad impact for daily activities and life of citizen.

Actually when the heavy rain comes, I never really realize. My working place which the building is quite sturdy almost makes me not knowing the situation outside. But when evening going to come and I am back from my office, I can see clearly that the road is full of puddle and the road really traffic because of puddle or flood.

Yesterday when I came back from the office, the rain still continue. My train that carry me to my home in Depok area was suddenly stop because the electric current that run my train was upset because of heavy rain. Almost 1 hour the train stop and waiting for the signal to run. In the other hand, I see from the news in facebook and also from my friends stories that most of them arrived at home in the midnight, around 12.00 - 1.00 am. They trapped in the traffic jam for almost 6 hours because floods are everwhere and inhibit their way.

Condition of Flood in Jakarta

it's very terrible condition of Jakarta today. Jakarta that virtually is dense, traffic, and full of population is worsened by this flood condition. The rain and wind also worsening the condition by the uprooted of many trees, create a victim by its floods and accidents.

Actually the condition of Jakarta today, and maybe others area in Indonesia which occur the same matter is because the deed of the people itself. People often neglect even harm the environment that virtually is a part of their own life. Nature, environment which give the life a beneficial, safety, and goodness destroyed with no clear reason and treated greedy.

From many observations the land in Jakarta actually is vanish, eroded inside. People build a high and big building without give 'a chance' for soil, water, and air to circulate. Most of water discharged to the sea, but people also harm the sea life. If you ever go to Jakarta, is very difficult to find a water channel here. Many river also poluted.

People enjoy to establish a big building in Jakarta for commercial, without consider the long term impact

Although the prediction that Jakarta will sink started from north area, people still ignore the condition. Many of developer create their big project by build a giant hotel, apartment in the side of sea which actually is a place to absorb water and overcome the flood.

Perhaps with the natural condition that is not friendly currently is a appeal and warning that they are threatened from time after time. People is being warned about their treat to the earth which give them a living.

I hope that environment condition is not continously worse. Lets we learn to love our earth and nature, like we ever love anything that we interest, we like. quote from somebody words " People have to save three pillars at their life... with God, with others, and with nature...


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Oh wow! That is a bad flood there. I hope nobody is being hurt.
I like the buildings that you showed, Niar. Someday, I want to go to Jakarta to see around. :)

niar said...

@Dear Grace,

This city is getting so terrible recently. Furthermore, my country also being sticken by Tsunami, earthquake, and Volcano.

It's my pleasure if you can go here someday. Although this city is traffic, there are still beauties that we can find..

ANDRIANA said...

People can make plan, but only God can do the change

Lloya said...


I can sense your concern. I agree with you. We are not sensitive to the environment as we should be. I wish you well in Jakarta. I hope things can be worked out.

niar said...

Hi LIoya,

I thank you for your comment. Jakarta is better now, the rain is not comes recently. But we have another hardship, one of the mount in our country is erupted and another area got a Tsunami disaster. A lot of people become a victim.. Hope we can pass it. Without these trouble we never learn.