Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Belated New Year

Dear all,

Happy new year for you and family. Hope in this new year we always granted the best, the bless, and wisdom in doing anything in our life.

Anyway I am sorry for giving this new year greeting by now, as I have to stay at hospital from the new year's eve until 6 days ahead. I suffered a dengue fever disease and that's why I should stay at hospital at that time. But fortunately, at a present God is giving me back my health again and my condition gradually better now.

In this new year I don't have any particulars hope or resolution that I specifically listed. I just want to be given my best. But having no resolution that is wish in the early of year does'nt mean I don't have a desire and destination. Still I want to pursue anything that become my goal in the near future. Of course, I have to increase my English as it is really important not for my personal life only but more intended to my professional life, I still have to increase my performance in my working environment, achieve my master program as soon as possible, expand my self in social life including with friends, colleague, higher my view and knowledge about anything.

But above all, I want to deeper my spiritual life. To be a person that can find a meaning through the belief and pray. I cannot target it of course. But it is really expected. As God always present in this life and his presence is beyond anything in my life. I am a person that have a low comprehension regarding Godness and even my religious it self.

Once again, happy new year all, hope the new year 2011 always give you joyful, peaceful, and easy way that bring you to your goal and desire.

God bless you :)

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Mike Duddy said...

Hey Niar - Sorry to hear you've been unwell :((

But its great news your getting better :))))

Happy New Year to you too.
Best wishes from Manchester