Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hello everybody, hello my blogging friends, and my beloved reader....
I am come back, and It feels so nice to fill this blog again. But anyway, I am sorry because I do not have a much time to write here now, and make a good post. But overall I am in the better condition so far. ^-^
At a present I am working as a reporter at one of media group in Indonesia. My work is taking a much time and energy. I have to work from the morning till the night, and sometimes have to stay in my office if probably. My work is also arrange for seven days in a week. But so far, I enjoy this experiences.
I really want to visit your blogs again one by one and read something great there. I also hoping to make a time to design an article for my new posting again. hopefully I can do it.
Anyway my country now is in the unsecured condition. There are two buildings that have been bombed by the terrorist, Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott hotel. I don't know why this chaos is happened again. We are feel safe since there are no bombs again since the Bali Blast incident(2005).
There are some issues that this incident is occur following the presidential elections several times ago, and this is viewed as the result of political tension here.
I don't know what became a motivation of the explosion. But I do hope it wont be provoke the emerge of the other problem. I also still hoping that there still a belief from international community to Indonesia.
Here I ask my condolatory to many victims of the blast, both for Indonesian people and for foreign people. May God bless us all..


Antón de Muros said...


Enjoy your job :-)

Greetings from the winter.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Girl, I just thought of you a couple of minutes ago. What a coincidence! Oh, it is so nice to see you back. :)

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I am happy to hear about your work and how you enjoy it. But sad to hear about the bombing. :(
Be safe always, girl.

tikno said...

Hi Niar,
Welcome back to blogging world and congratulation for new job.

angga chen said...

enjoy your job and don't forget blogwalking...he..he...thanks ya

ryodimas said...

hallow niar, I'm your college friend, Ryo. Do you remember me? Do you ever meet wendi there?

ayamlin said...

Hi Niar!
I'm also happy to see you again.
I sometimes remember how you has been.
anyway you' re so great!
it's too hard to become a a reporter!
you're so smart and pretty.
that's why you were able to become a a reporter probably!!
by the way I saw a news about your country.
a princess ran away from violence of prince?

Jim Belshaw said...

Welcome back Niar, and welcome to the strange world of journalism.

Mari said...

Welcome back, Niar!

I'm glad to hear that you are working and that you're enjoying it.

Have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...