Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the Running of Human Rights Condition Over South East Asia Nations

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I am so sorry for cannot presents many of new postings that I write recently, because of the lack of available time that I belong here to do this. I also want to rearrange my schedule to make an effective moment for continue my blogging activities. I really want my blogging activities can back again like in the past time...

Back to the my posting, after reading the article that I have read one week ago from Kompas newspaper, I become aware about the growth and development of human rights in South East Asia. That Article mentions that ASEAN: an area that oppress its society. Well this article is written in accordance with the discovery and emerging of many violence cases and harassment among its people in many of ASEAN nations.

In the 14th High Level Conference of ASEAN in Thailand, there is a important issue concerning to the human rights condition in ASEAN. As a host of this conference, Thai prime minister assert that ASEAN has a great potention in the economy issue, and put its concern in this economic area. But, the condition of human rights is become worst and become problem which scatter among ASEAn nations. To reduce its problem, ASEAN takes a big action by making an institution which focusing to the growth of human rights in ASEAN area. While, Thai prime minister also added that the creation of ASEAN human rights institution in this year is the first in this area, and would become a great achievement to that direction. Source: http://kaytu.burmabloggers.net/?p=1309

This institution's creation is a critical for the human rights condition which is worse and worse in that area, although in the meeting of the conference there are some problems against its creation, like the weakneess of framework, and trouble between leaders. But, as a process it has showed a great effort as long as 42 years before. There are an agreement to institusionalized which essentialy means there are meeting that will be held every year and better procedure.It is also realized the people about the human rights problem among them and make ASEAN do not oppress their citizens again.

The Cases of Human Rights Abuses and Violations Over ASEAN Region:
Burma: Oppressing Ethnis and opposition denial
Thai: military abusive for moslem minority in South area
Malaysia: Ethnis discrimination for economy policy and denial the rights of ethnis minority
Singapore: Oppression for the opposition who against Lee Kwan Yeuw dinasty
Vietnam: Oppresion the freedom of religion
Laos: Denial the freedom of expression
Philipine: the murder of reporter and rebels (Kompas March 1st)


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Niar, it is so nice to be back here. I miss you, girl.
By the way, I tagged you. (he-he-he, sorry for giving you a task.)

rummuser said...

Welcome back Nihar. I hope that you will find enough time from now on to blog more often.

The subject that you have chosen is a good one and should provoke a lot of thought and discussion. Let me just take a contrary view to bring some spice into it.

Human rights is a whole lot of hogwash. It is used to bring about economic pressure on developing nations. No more no less. The loudest noise about human rights are made by the nations who are not exactly saints. You give me a name of a nation and I shall give you instances of human rights abuses in their countries.

Ben said...

glad to see you back!

ediretnati said...

hi sistha...... nice to meet you....... read your articles, I think that you're smart girl..... keep blogging ang write day by day for share your experience.....

tikno said...

How about Indonesia, Niar?

safiye said...

hi niar,
you made a comment in my blog pictures but i dont look into my blog a long time.i am a new blogger. i am from turkey. my blog pictures are from black sea region.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Niar Girl, I miss you again. It is understood that you are very busy these days. Be safe always.
Care to share with us how is your work doing? :)

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Hi Niar,

Hope you're doing okay.

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hi Niar!!! nice to visit your site again;-)

tikno said...

Hi Niar, been long time not heard from you also no update for post. Hope you're fine

Bayu Dardias said...

Hi, I am passing by.
Nice efforts to write, but editing is absolutely necessary. Many grammatical errors remain.

Pandu Photography said...

hello Niar!
I agree with you 0_0

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