Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When the Wave of Fire Visit Victoria

The disaster has come back to Australia. Victoria, a part of territory in Australia has been attacked by the mass wave of Fire at Friday, 6th February. According to the Information that I have received, this large number of fire takes as long as 2.200 kilometer square of Australian territory and there is no signals that the flare of fire can be over comed soon. Then, the wind blows fast which resulted in the difficulties of fire controlled and make it larger. Affected Area of Fire

At the present, the victims of this disaster has reached 230 people, which many of people can not survive. Many victims caught in the blazes had no time to escape; their houses disintegrated around them, and they burned to death. As firefighters battle the flames and police begin to investigate possible cases of arson around some of the fires, there will surely be debates over the wisdom of Australia's standard policy of advising residents to either flee a fire early or stay in their homes and wait it out.
Although Australian government has mobilized almost all of their soldiers, and fire estinguisher, this problem is still continued. Temperatures are dropping now, then it is become a fear that they will not be able to get the fires under control until there is substantial rain. It is really hard condition and situation in Australia now which Victorian state Premier John Brumby said that "it's obviously a tragic day and a tragic week in our history".
The disaster which comes in Victoria is raise the attention of many people about what makes it happen, and what we should be done in the future in the future to prevent it tobe recurring.
Well, the bush fire actually are common to comes in Australia. The worst disaster has occured in 1983 when 75 people died on a day that became known as Ash Wednesday. But this bush fire is the most intense, through the highest price in the lives lost.
Global Warming has fueled the Fire in Victoria

The climate factors lay in the foregound of this fire. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that the fires in Australia were "virtually certain to increase in intensity and frequency" because of steadily warming temperatures over the next several decades. Research reported that by 2020 there could be up to 65% more "extreme" fire dabger days compared with 1990 and that by 2050, under the most severe warming, there could be a 300% increase in such a days ( Australia is one of the country's worst coal polluters and it was one of the most notorious climate change, so it is really difficult to do a high commit to a mere 5 percent reduction of carbon emission in 2020.
Since 1950, Australia has warmed 0.9°C , and climate models predict the country could warm further by 2070, up to 5°C over 1990 temperatures, if global greenhouse-gas emissions go unchecked. Beyond a simple rise in average temperatures, climate change will also lead to an increase in Australia's extreme heat waves and droughts. Southwestern Australia is already in the grip of a prolonged drought that has decimated agriculture and led to widespread water rationing; the region is expected to see longer and more extreme dry periods in the future as a result of steady warming.
The Australia fire is expectable can raise an awarness to reduce global carbon emissions to minimize the impact of climate change. It has to be one signals that the climate change today not just a natural disasters merely but turn into human catastrophes. The Bush Fire calamity has worst the condition of Nations. Hope it will be last and can be recovery soon...


Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Niar

According to Australian newspaper reports, the Indonesian Government has sent forensic experts to help the Victorian police and has also made a donation to the bushfire relief fund.

Much appreciated.

Mike Duddy said...

Bush fires in Calfifornia every year, especially bad in Oct/Nov 2007,
Forest clearance fires in Indonesia, Africa and South America (every year) and now the terrible catastrophe in Australia.
Is global warming man made or a natural phenomena?
Do forests in dry countries have cyclical periods of burn and regrowth?
Is town building/planning design poor in these areas where fires are likely to happen, and shouldn't towns have some sort of fire breaks around them in areas where fires are likely to occur?
Its not a perfect world.

Mari said...

We have yearly fires here in Southern California. Every time the fire gets closer to homes, we are advised to pack up and leave. The last worst fire, 2 years ago, there was very few lives lost, mostly properties which can be replaced.

Homes in fire prone areas are built to resist fire for a few hours. It is a building code requirement. And local government requires that brush around homes be cleared by homeowners. These are not perfect solutions, but I'm sure they have somewhat helped in controlling the fires a bit.

The fire in Australia is a tragedy. It's sad that so many lives have been lost.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Niar, that fire in Australia was really a sad news.
Oh, how are you doing lately, my beauty friend?
Thanks for remembering to greet me last Valentine's Day. How was yours?

leo7_lion said...

This condition is really bad

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Ben said...

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ayamlin said...

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by the way I didn't know the news.
I always learn something from your blog.

a.A.a. said...

It was a dreadful thing, the fire. The worst though was to hear some of it may have been started deliberately. What sort of person would o that?

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