Thursday, February 5, 2009

a Hope to Make a Better Place for People in Gaza

Many of offences and attack from Israel has begun in Gaza since the last of Desember. And the result of it, has created many of human rights abusive for civilians and children on there.
Human Rights Watch estimated that in Gaza 1.5 million people are enduring a serious humanitarian crisis brought on by more than two weeks of major military operations that have magnified the impact of 19 months of a highly restrictive Israeli blockade. Hundreds of civilians have been killed in the fighting, a large percentage of them children. Many wounded and sick have been trapped in their homes, unable to get medical care. Corpses have been left among rubble and in destroyed homes because Israeli forces have at times denied access to medical crews. Increasing numbers are displaced or are trapped in their homes. They have nowhere to flee, caught in a warzone where no place is truly safe.Gaza's civilians are facing dire shortages of food, water, cooking gas, fuel and medical care due to insecurity, the enforced closure of all of Gaza's borders, and alleged serious violations of international humanitarian law. Electricity is sharply down, and in some places open sewage is spilling into the streets. Children, who make up 56 percent of Gaza's residents, are especially vulnerable.
The war and crisis in Gaza really unlimited and make many people despair to see the progress condition of it. Many times ago my friends has sent me a message. She just wrote that 'She just hardly believe in her life she still seeing a war in her "civilized earth". Many people also regret and wonder with the decision of every step that is taken by each state. And not just a few people that believe that this war is never ending because it has written in the destiny of this world.
I also cant say something with the situation and cannot argue a good solution to ending this. I just hope for every people especially who involve in those war and have a authority to decrease an anger and more aware with the sense of humanitarian especially for the civilians who sacrified their life for this hostility.


Anonymous said...

rummuser said...

I am not passing a value judgment. Ordinary people get caught in the crossfire between two opposing sides and it is for them that I care about. When will we learn to become human?

Mari said...

War hurts, kills or maims the innocent ones - the children and the elders. There is no stopping those at war until one concedes, and at times it never happens. All we can do is pray for peace.

ettarose said...

Niar, great post and it makes my heart hurt.

star said...

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Keep up the good work.. Do visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. Cheers!!!

Cuspedepita said...

It is terrible. The politicians are not able to find a solution to this conflict and the people, who the unique thing that wants is to live calm, pay with her suffering and its life by her incompetence

tikno said...

One thing that makes me sad that is, when the shooting occurred against civilians and children, there is no the UN peacekeeping troops there, even the UN can not do anything.

ayamlin said...

Hi niar

reading your blog, I remember Michael Jackson.
Have you listen to songs of his?
I wanna make a better place for people in Gaza also other countries.
What should we do?
For starters, I should be nice to people.

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