Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday for My Indonesia

Yesterday, August 17th 2009 my country has celebrated its independence day. It was 64 years, exactly in 1945 Indonesia free from the colonization. There's a hope from my heart that the spirit of struggle from our heroes will always adhere in our soul. Hoping that Indonesia will always survive and join together in restore every country problems.

I know that Indonesia lately has been get a problem such a terrorism that decrease a credibility of its. Many political and social disputes still rampant in many parts, and many kinds of development dropping from other country. But I do hope it will not make a skeptical of our struggle to realize the new Indonesia.

Here we can see many of citizen enthusiastic to celebrate Indonesia's birthday. In every part we celebrate with ceremony, in many street we can find a carnival by wearing traditional costumes, many kinds of traditional competitiions, like panjat pinang (climbing pillar to achieve a gift), menangkap belut (chasing eel), makan kerupuk, etc. Instead many times ago in Malalayang sea, many people celebrate Indonesia by ceremony under the sea. As much as 2.468 persons diving in the international sea festival which invite many tourist from other part of the world coming. Really Incredible.

I hope this feeling will be lasting not only in this aniversary day but for every time. This spirit will always come in especially in the young people who have a chance to do better things.

I love Indonesia

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tikno said...

Happy Independence Day to our country.

jaiman said...

informasi yang sangat berguna. salam kenal sahabat..... jangan lupa kunjungi balik yach di http://avengedsevenfoldisme.blogspot.com tempat berbagi ilmu dan pengetahuan

Nazanin said...

Salam Dear Niar.
happy your country independence day
how do you do!?
happy to read about your happiness! and wish indonesia always free and independence!

niar said...

@thank u all, hope indonesia will get much more progress and become reliable in international era

deped teacher said...

I did not notice right away that you are Indonesian. I was impress by seeing a lot of Indonesian having online presence.


can we exchange link. comment me

somebody said...