Saturday, June 19, 2010

Company and The Status of Employee

I have some stories about my fellow experience and many entry level workers in Indonesia when they fight to look for a job and begin they first career.

Most of people and fresh graduate are interesting to be employed in some good companies, who they consider give a prestige, and better place. Indonesian people, according to my observation tend to work at banking field, some of them also interest to join at Media company (Television), and telecommunication company. They think that by joining those good companies, they will be get not only prestige but also a quite good salary.

But it turn out, it is not easy to breakthrough those companies. The fresh graduate have to compete with much and qualified competitors. The number of accepted workers is small if compared with the number of applicants. And when they are failed by many times, finally they have to turn to look for another way to get a job easily and reachable.

Many of jobseeker may be are willing to wait and struggle until they get what they really want and suitable for them. But most part of jobseekers it turn out choose to be paid by some outsourcing companies. I need to explain here that outsourcing company is the kind of company which is recruit and provide an employee source for the main company. It will be really unfair for many employees because by become an outsourcing employee in a company they will get not fully salary and don't get a payment of allowance, reimbursement, annual bonus etc. The salary they get will decrease as much 20% - 60% because the actual salary is shared with the outsourcing company. The employee also sometimes get difficulties to enhance their career in the company they working for,because their employment status.

In the other hand, the company is get much beneficial by join with outsourcing company. First, the company is not in necessity to give more money for transport/ meal allowance, reimbursement, bonus etc. Second, the company no need to be worry about their workers. When something happen with their worker they have not fully responsible because they are not the owner, but they just hiring. And when something happen with the company like going bankrupt, they also not difficult to release the worker.

Many of indonesian workers employ in the reputable and famous company with the status of Outsourcing

I have a friend who today is deployed by multinational banking company with the status of outsourcing. She explained me that the supporting division is mostly placed by outsourcing employee. But the permanent employee occupy some main and important area or operational department. Moreover she said, the main area is played by many foreign worker.

Where profits are the bottom line, it is only natural for companies to seek out the cheapest labor possible

It is occur in many of countries when there are a lot of local people paid less even though the capacity of their work is quite excessive. It is seems that they are not respected to the human service and sacrifice.Where the large companies are in high expansion and they need much cheap human resources to maximize their profit, they tend to sacrifice anything including the human.

Furthermore, not only about lack of respect and lead to the slavery, but many other human rights issues are come to the top when company's profits are naturally the most important goal. The violation of human rights, lobbying for and participating in manipulated international agreements, environmental damage, child labor, and so on, is the example of result in the powerful of company today which is ignore the standard of ethic

The Global Issues noted that: For many companies, the largest cost is often the work force. Hence, where profits are the bottom line, it is only natural for companies to seek out the cheapest labor possible. However, when international agreements are often designed to foster an environment where cheaper and cheaper labor is promoted, the workers themselves are often not paid enough to live on. When a nation tries to provide regulatory steps to improve workers conditions (which does mean more costs to the companies), multinational corporations naturally pick up and go to other places where there are less measures in place. In this way, improving working conditions will always be difficult, as it is not in the interest of the large companies.

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