Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aviation and the Spread of Diseases

After some times I experience working at Aviation industry, There are many new knowledge that I've got regarding to aviation and aircraft especially in the scope of Safety and Security. Although I don't have basic in this environment, I have found new pleasure including learning about many things that contributes to the incident, accident, and hazard to the aircraft and people.

And last week, we have discussed about blood borne pathogen and its relation to the aircraft incident. Blood borne pathogen is one of threat toward aviation safety. Well, blood borne pathogen it self is simply defined as many infections that can be spread by contamination of blood and caused disease in human. Pathogenic microorganisms that are transmitted via human blood cause disease include, hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Hepatitis C and B is much experienced by the people. Especially in Indonesia where the rate of Hepatitis infected is high. But HIV sometimes is quite difficult to contaminate, because it is not easy just by the spread of blood but by specific way especially sexual transmitted.

accident can lead to the deseases

Because the fact that everyone have any possible diseases, the virus can easily influence and develop to other people. In airlines industry it self, blood borne pathogen can easily influenced when the clash or aircraft accident happened. This is can be explained when aircraft accident comes, there are much blood shed in aircraft, in many corner of cabin, and in outside aircraft. The blood shed then can easily disseminate the bacteria and viruses to the most people.

Most people is not realized that it can cause a diseases to their body. Some viruses that have been contaminated to the people body, perhaps not appear their effect directly but in the five years further the effect and the deseases will appear and can lead to the death.

The passenger not only get a possibility of virus influence by the splash of blood directly, but also by respiratory / by air. In aircraft incident, when the clash is also accompanied by fire, the blood shed will also burn by the fire. This condition will create unhealthy air which the smoke from burning blood will caused a deseases when it is inhealed by respiratory.

That's why this is a problem of airlines industry when issue of diseases is become a threat. The virus like H1n1, avian influenza, malaria, and smallpox allegedly can easily brought and spread to the other countries because of aircraft. So it needs a deep prevention and strategy toward its issues to make safe and secure airlines and people.


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