Saturday, January 10, 2009


I begin to feel uncomfortable when I have to write this Title 'Unemployment'. Perhaps because I prefer to write a positive things which happen and which I plan so far in my world, or because I rather like to write about the problem of securitization an human rights problem. But Unemployment it turn out become a good title which depict a domination of condition in my self today.
The choice to looking for a job is I have taken from many times ago. I do not have another choice to do something better beside that after graduation. Taking master degree is want I taking in next year if finally I failed in getting a fellowship. And now, I feel become someone who is not studying nor working. I am begin jobless.....
My father ever talk to me to give a time as long as 1 year to get a job. But I think It's so impossible, I want to working sooner. Perhaps I seems to impatient, but I really dont want to take a long time trapped in this condition. Now I feel I am getting a reduction in my brain, I feel I dont have a thought like when I was study, lack of motivation, and lack of capability, in my knowledge, in writing good and many more...I also feel getting reduction in thinking positively.
I am aware the world is occur a recession and crisis. Many of employer has out from many of corporation. Instead, here I try to looking for a job. It is really unproper conditon for fresh graduate student to looking for a Job. Many Job vacancy at news paper also decrease and less through and through....
Now, I think I should learn more. It is the only one thing that I have to do to achieve my dream and can through the competition. Department of foreign Affair give a difficult competition in getting its position. INGO also ask a competitive persons who have a master degree and good experience, and many of good instancies ask a briliant persons, beside its lucky. So I think it is my time to fight.
I do hope for my self.


rummuser said...

That is the spirit Niar. It is not how many times that you fall that matters but how many times you fail to get up. Keep at it. when the time comes, everything will fall into place. All the best.

tikno said...

Like Rummuser said, please keep your spirit, Niar.

I have a friend who waiting for three month for getting better job. Opportunity always there, as the job vacancy always appear on many newspaper.

You already in Jakarta now. For that I must say that you are brave, and I proud to you.

Mari said...

Be optimistic, Niar. Sooner, or later there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, and everything will get better.

Jim Belshaw said...

I wondered about this Niar because of your timing. I think about it in the context of my own girls, although they are still studying. I see your Dad talks about a year. Presumably you have some form of family support.

A little while ago something that I was doing failed. I found myself in considerable trouble finding new work of any type. The comments that follow are based on that personal experience.

The key problem I found was a progressive decline in my own belief in myself. My self-doubt grew.

Despite a somewhat successful career, I began to wonder if anyone would employ me, especially given that I was older. This became progressively more devasting. It affected what I did in so many ways.

In my own case, blogging proved my salvation, not because it gave me an immediate job but because of the way it allowed me to compare my knowledge and skills on a global basis.

Working from a home office as I had been so that I could fulfil the primary child care role, I had become very isolated. That aids self doubt.

Here are a small number of suggestions based on my own experience. This is obviously Australian, not Indonesian.

First, you need something to break you our of your immediate position, something with longer term pay-backs.

Further study is obviously an option, but (like me) so is blogging. I would talk about your experiences and seek advice. I would also use blogging to continue to improve your English and to improve your professional skills in areas of interest.

Second, I would focus on improving your CV and application letters. Remember, in the first round most employers simply want to cull people to a reasonable number for interview. It is your job to make it easy for them to interview you.

In Australia I have found a tendency for people to assume that it is the employer's job to work out their skills. The opposite is true.

Thirdly, I know that you are interested in NGOs. So long as you can afford any travel costs to work and any minor out-of pockets, select a small target number and offer to work for free in return for job experience and a good reference.

This broadens your skills and gives you an initial work base. They may or may not offer you a job. That is a second order issue.

In all this keep your chin up.

I hope that this helps. I am very happy to answer questions based on my own experience.


Ms. Niar

Yes, it is very tough now to get a new or better paying job. But the situation seems quite temporary, and the demand would certainly rise. In India, too, the job situation is not satisfactory. However in my job, there can hardly be any effect of the market forces. You know, I am a lawyer !!!!

Naval Langa


Hi! I'm Grace said...

I understand how you feel, Niar. But it is too soon to worry. Just keep on searching. Keep reading newspapers or any current news items to refresh your minds regularly. And above all, keep on praying. I am praying for you, Niar.

Ben said...

Jim Belshaw's three suggestion is great.Now I am unemployed.but I still have great hope to find a job for experience.keep your spirit.Niar support you!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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