Thursday, November 28, 2013

Achievement and Acknowledgement

Nothing that I able to say but gratitude from the very deep of the heart. This year I have been offered two scholarships at the same time to study master's degree . Of course in final I have to choose the one that fit me the most. But I just can't overlook  the extraordinary feeling that come over lately. I am tremendously thankful for God's love and bless toward me. He works in the mysterious way and makes me feel well-rounded with love and glory He gave.

I have been granted the scholarship from New Zealand to study Master of Public Management at The Victoria University of Wellington and from Japan to Study Master of Arts in International Cooperation at The University of Nagoya. The programs will start in February and April 2014 (depend on what I will take).

To study master's degree actually is the plan since I graduated from my bachelor's degree. But the condition has lead me to some jobs and professional working experiences before I really ready to continue searching for advance education opportunity.

I, in this regard would like to thanks to all of the ones, especially my family (my mother, father and sister), not to mention friends and colleagues that has been giving invaluable and sincere supports. Giving me trust and also inputs that able to construct me in time of up or down. I have never been able to thank them properly, so I wish to do so here. 

My special acknowledgements are reserved at present to the following persons:

1.  Dr. Agus Trihartono who give me never ending supports since the first time I am looking for the scholarship for master's degree. Thank you for being my mentor who always give advice and support wholeheartedly.

2. My best friends: Marisna Yulianti, Adela Pranindiati, and Ruri Artiesa Narita. The ones that always be my place to share the life with. Thank you for helping me spreading my wings. May God bless all of you.

3. Beloved people who always cheer the days: Riski Nalandari, Wibawanizal Nur H, Nurus Sailah, Peggy Puspa, Riski Nurjanah, Inno Sukirno, Eva Murti, Diananda Riskia, Ayuningtyas Chandradewi, Arif Rahman Budiono, and Hermin Prajayani. I can't thank enough for everything. You and what happen now make this feeling indescribable. Thank you for unfailing friendship, I hope you a successful life today and years ahead.

4. For ASEAN Secretariat, I thank you for the trust given to me as a candidate of New Zealand Scholarship. My heartiest thankful for the panel of scholarship selection: His Excellency Nyan Lynn, His Excellency Dr. Lim Hong Hin and Mr. Danny Lee.

5. Board of Academics at the International Relations studies, University of Jember: Dr. Sugiyanto Kusuma, Dr. Abubakar Eby Hara, and Mr. Supriyadi. Thank you for the help and also support in time of scholarship application.

6. Some Professors at the Ritsumeikan University, Japan. Thank you for the trust toward my application before in 2012. Though I in final not study there, but I can feel the great supports.

Some months will go on before I really depart to the destination country. I will use it to prepare a lot.

  Lastly I want to quote from what Lauris Edmond wrote about Wellington: 'It's true you can't live here by chance, you have to do and be, not simply watch or even describe.  This is the city of action, the world headquarters of the verb.'

Ps. although if it turns out I am living in Japan (or everywhere), I will be still loving that quote




riski nurjanah said...

Koq sedih ya bacanya... tp nangis bahagia.. brasa kyk lulusan dl mau perpisahan.. thanks alot nyun, slalu bantuin q.. dr skripsi mslh pribadi byk bgt km bantuin q. Tetaplah sperti PADI dan be yourself... sukses buat sahabatq, saudaraq, temanq.. smg cpt dpt jodoh jg n cpt nikah pny anak.. ga kebayang km gendong anak hehe.. I'll be miss u nyunn.. #bighug & much kiss for u ^_^

nizal said...

happy for you Niar... setelah semua yang kamu perjuangkan, akhirnya kamu berhak untuk mendapatkannya!

keep in touch ^_^

Niar said...

Aku masih pergi Maret akhir kok gel, hehehe.

Thanks to you both. For the wishes and support(s). You always have a special place in the heart :) :)

Hermin Prajayani said...

Nyun... Ga mau aku bacanya sekarang. Bikin gimana... Gitu. Tapi jadi teman kamu saya ikutan bangga dan terhormat. Thank you for the love and hope you'll find someone out there who will makes your life complete, even what you have today is already perfect! Can't say no more just hugs and kiss. Love you Nyun...