Monday, December 8, 2008


Today there are a family reunion. This is the family reunion from my father family. and the place for reunion is in the my father's uncle who owns a Botanical Park. This botanical park, becomes one of picnic destination in my town.
So, I and my family come there at 8.30 am. The condition rather crowded today because this is a day off.
We come together in one place, while my family who belongs to that park admit me and the others to try every arena on that park freely. So, I choose to play the sort of outbound, because of do not brought any preparation for swimming or fishing or the others. Playing flying fox and fly freely. Really astonishing ^-^....This pict was captured by my father

Preparation to fly, really nervous, but still able to smile..
Actually I rather afraid of elevated place
That's me.....not George of the Jungle....


WHITEShadow said...

That's exciting! I think you guys have fun... Looks cool to me and you look great! Enjoy the fun with your family and stay safe. Maybe you can tell them I say "hi".


Cool and exciting.
I was jump from 50m high platfrom to years ago.
It's happy to stay with family.

azmath said...

Dear Niar,

That was an excellent comment on my blog, you have a wonderful soul. And I love your soul :-).


Cuspedepita said...

You are very brave. I do not dare :-))
Here we call it a "tirolina" ;-))

nazanin said...

Dorood(hi in persian) dear niar!
how do you do!?
how is everything!?
for sure Im become happy to be in your links!
take care!

elendil said...

Flying Fox! I like it!! Each time we went for a camp, surely we'll involve that game^^

tikno said...

You are brave, Niar. Salute to you.

Anonymous said...